Why I’m Learning French

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Learning a new language is hard work and a big time investment, so we better have good reasons for why we want to do so. Knowing why helps us with our goals in the language (making learning it more structured) and will also help keep us motivated.

Here are eight reasons why I want to learn French:



1. I had French for a few years in secondary school. I didn’t go that deep into the language, but I still had some interaction with vocabulary and basic grammar, which will make the learning process a little easier. Not to mention, French classes and other materials are relatively accessible in the USA, so it will be quite doable to learn basic French in the States.

2. It’s the second most popular foreign language after English. This means that I could speak French with friends (who already know it) and meet new francophones. It’s not the most popular language now, but it still holds its status as a lingua franca. It will always (or so I think) be regarded as a beautiful, romantic language that is part of a nice, prestigious culture.

3. It won’t be easy to read and write, but I like the pronunciation. (And, as I am learning more French, I like how French grammar expresses itself differently than English or German grammar. I am learning new vocabulary/new ways to think about the world, too.)

4. French and English are (sometimes) similar, so it won’t be as big of a challenge as learning, for example, an Asian language (or even Russian for that matter :D) There will be a lot of new vocabulary (and false friends) due to the Latin roots of French, but it will make it easier for me to learn another romance language in the future.





5. The language has crept into other European languages (French used to be the language of government and the language of the elite, so other languages borrowed many French words) and knowing French will help my reading comprehension in general humanities. Therefore, I will understand history better and also improve my vocabulary.

6. I like a few French scholars already and would have access to even more scholars, writers, artists and the like.

7. After learning German and starting with Russian, I just wasn’t satisfied. Learning languages is one of my hobbies and it is something that I enjoy–not just to say that I speak the languages, or just to be able to communicate with others, but because I enjoy the process of learning them. Speaking multiple languages also makes travelling easier and more interesting.

8. Learning French will make it more enjoyable to travel in France. I can’t wait to see the beauty of the country, enjoy tasty food and get to know the culture (art, literature, customs) better.


So, guys, what languages do you want to learn and why?

~ Stephanie F.


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Author: Stephanie F.

This blog started as a writing project while I was studying abroad as a German language major in Erlangen, Germany. You can find articles on culture, languages, traveling and personal reflection.

6 thoughts on “Why I’m Learning French”

  1. That’s great! Learning languages is so valuable – I would suggest, if you really want to understand history better (from more angles), learning a less prestigious language as well. But it looks like you already have a lot on your plate!


    1. Yes, I agree! You have a valid point. While French will offer me more, it will still be history from a European perspective. I would say my “less prestigious” language is Russian because it truly offers a different perspective to American or German history, which is otherwise completely ignored or simply unknown. But there are many beautiful languages around the world that would offer a new angle as you suggest. I haven’t found this language for me personally yet, but if I do, it would most likely be an Asian language 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’ts a goal of mine to become fluent in French! I studied it in school and had the chance to live in France for two months where I could hold a slow conversation in French by the end. But leaving France I didn’t have anyone to keep up my French with and now can barely put together a sentence 😦 Your post gives me encouragement to pick up the language again! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks for reading and sharing some kind words! I also agree that it’s easiest to learn a language in the country where it’s spoken, but with online resources you can definitely continue your language studies at home. I personally love YouTube and reading stories in my target language. Good vibes your way as you work on picking up your French 🙂

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  3. Good luck with French! I have spent the last couple of years grappling with it because I happened to meet a very handsome Parisian in Switzerland and have stayed with him since then haha!! 🙂 It hasn’t always been the easiest language – certainly the pronunciation can be a stumbling block – but you’re right in what you say: that another language literally does open up new ways of thinking and understanding the world. Be sure to post about how you’re getting on 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your story! 🤗 I’ll be sure to post about my progress with French soon. You’re right that French pronunciation is difficult >.< and the language is filled with nuances & irregularities, which I think makes the beginning somewhat doable to start speaking, but knowing the ins and outs impossible without immersion and regular practice. I have some ideas for learning challenges to share—so that readers will see how (in-)effective certain methods/resources are for learning French! ☺️

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