10 Ukrainian Words I Learned in Kiev

Russian and Ukrainian are approximately 60% similar. So, knowing one does help with comprehending the other. However, there are many things that make each language unique. Such as the alphabet, the vocabulary and the grammar. Keep reading to learn more about these differences ❤

Two Exercises for Improving your German Vocabulary

Hello everyone! Glad to have you on my blog =) I wanted to share a quick post today with two exercises for improving your German vocabulary. You can use the exercises for any of your target languages, but since I have a B.A. in German, attended all sorts of classes to learn German, tried (nearly)Continue reading “Two Exercises for Improving your German Vocabulary”

Tips for Native English Speakers Learning Russian (Part 2)

If the grammar blows your mind, you get tongue-twisted by common words or you still seem to not be able to express yourself, you’re not alone–you have to work hard, but a rich cultural world opens when you understand Russian that will ultimately enrich your life. Immersion is the best thing you can do to unlock this world. Therefore, I suggest these learning options for students of Russian:

My Resources for Learning French

Dear readers, My post Why I’m Learning French has been one of your favorites. So, I wanted to share how I am getting on with French 🙂 French is the third foreign language I have studied (after German & Russian.) One thing working in my favor is that I already have my own methods for learning aContinue reading “My Resources for Learning French”

Free Russian Learning Resources on YouTube

Hello hello! Всем привет!! A few months ago, I started writing a series of tips for English speakers learning Russian. You can find Pt. 1 here—> Tips for Native English Speakers Learning Russian (Part 1 of 3) Recently, I shared more tips and also recommended books for learning Russian here->So, you want to start learning Russian?Continue reading “Free Russian Learning Resources on YouTube”

Going beyond the textbook~ learning to speak a foreign language (Pt. 2)

You can find Part 1 here—> “I want to improve my speaking in a foreign language” (Pt. 1) “Language exerts hidden power, like a moon on the tides.” – Rita Mae Brown     1) A great way to learn authentic modern language is to find a language partner. I personally like learning through real conversationsContinue reading “Going beyond the textbook~ learning to speak a foreign language (Pt. 2)”

My First Trip Abroad in Photos

My project “Austauscherfahrungen” has been active for more than a year now. To celebrate this occasion and reflect on the roots of this blog, I have put together this post—My First Trip Abroad in Photos. There are two ways to “read” this entry: you can either start from this page and click on the photosContinue reading “My First Trip Abroad in Photos”

“I want to improve my speaking in a foreign language” (Pt. 1)

    1. Reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary, accent, rhythm and overall relationship with a new language. There are many methods to learn from reading: by reading aloud and training your accent, by finding unknown words in a text, and, simply, by immersing your thoughts in a new language you areContinue reading ““I want to improve my speaking in a foreign language” (Pt. 1)”

So, you want to start learning Russian? (Five Quick Tips & Book Recommendations)

Dear readers, This will be a short post about tips on how to learn Russian efficiently. These were suggestions from my Russian sociology professor (a Russian historian, Chekhov fan and funny guy) for our five-week stay in Russia 😮 For Part 1 in this series click here —->               1.Continue reading “So, you want to start learning Russian? (Five Quick Tips & Book Recommendations)”

3 Classes I Wish I’d Taken at University

Hello everyone! I’ve been back State-side for nearly two months now. My plans have been going well and I’ve got to see quite a few old friends! We still have sunshine here in Georgia, but cold weather is coming and it may freeze soon.     I left the States in August 2017 as aContinue reading “3 Classes I Wish I’d Taken at University”

Inspiring Quotes for Language Learners

Here are three inspiring quotes for hacking your language learning approach.
German is known as the language of poets (Dichter) and thinkers (Denker). Test your German reading with these insightful quotes in German language!

Returning Home After 13 Months Abroad

  Returning home to Georgia, U.S.A after 13 months abroad was surreal. I spent 7 weeks in Kiev, Ukraine. And before that, I was an exchange student in Erlangen, Germany. During my 11-month stay in Germany, I didn’t visit home a single time.     I left behind a different reality in Europe and hadContinue reading “Returning Home After 13 Months Abroad”

Goodbye, Kiev! ~Back Home After 13 Months Abroad~

I had a simple, relaxing weekend before my 18-hour trip back to the States. On Saturday evening, there was even a beautiful sunset in Kiev. Luckily, I lived in a room with a balcony. Although there was a noisy street outside, I still enjoyed having a view of passerby and of the many trees. WhenContinue reading “Goodbye, Kiev! ~Back Home After 13 Months Abroad~”

New Discovery in Kiev

I got to see a new part of Kiev today! A permanent flea market with an open-air book market. It was wonderful to dive into the stacks of books.. to test my knowledge of reading Russian and to discover some books in English, German and French. My buddy also found a book he had beenContinue reading “New Discovery in Kiev”

Tips for Native English Speakers Learning Russian (Part 1 of 3)

“Повторе́ние — мать уче́нья.” (= Repetition is the mother of learning.) Learning Russian… you need to master a new alphabet then move to reading syllables until you can read words and short sentences—but that’s not the hardest part! Russian grammar is very complex and there are few Russian-English cognates (mainly modern vocabulary dealing with tourismContinue reading “Tips for Native English Speakers Learning Russian (Part 1 of 3)”

Blog Update

Dear readers, As my blog continues to grow, I am trying to improve as a travel blogger. I want to record my memories for myself, but tell them in a way that is inspirational for my readers. I love exchanging ideas with others and picking up good habits from different people. Moreover, I want myContinue reading “Blog Update”

Why I’m Learning French

Hello hello! Learning a new language is hard work and a big time investment, so we better have good reasons for why we want to do so. Knowing why helps us with our goals in the language (making learning it more structured) and will also help keep us motivated. Here are eight reasons why I wantContinue reading “Why I’m Learning French”

The Graduate? Graduating American University from Abroad

Mr. Braddock: Have you thought about graduate school?
Benjamin: No.
Mr. Braddock: Would you mind telling me then what those four years of college were for? What was the point of all that hard work?